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I wanted to tell you about my impressions of his first book, which came into my hands. I can say with confidence that this is one of his fundamental works, which goes on a par with the Green Mile, Opposition or the Dark Tower.


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I mean IT. Fundamental and one of the most famous works of Stephen King. The first book of the Master, which fell into my hands when I was 10 years old.


Firstly, I have always admired the play on words, with the help of which he recreates his worlds and entire cities that actually do not exist. While reading this book, you really are in little Derry along with the rest of the “Loser’s Club”, which we are talking about. Strong feelings that not every book can give.


Secondly, I like the hero of this dark story. There is a place for cowardice and despair. There is among the guys and courage, and friendship. They are children. The most that there are real children, who are not alien to emotions, thirst for adventure, and faith in what adults have waved away for a long time, preferring to go into the "real world of every day and meaningless problems."


Thirdly, this book fascinates with its history. As much as I was inspired by how the Master recreated this story. In a small town, strange things happen periodically, and children disappear. Many people seem to suspect about something, but prefer to remain silent, or to pretend that nothing happens in their city. As if this is another provincial town with its gray life. But is it really?


Finally, the book raises serious questions. After all, if you carefully read this story about a strange creature, which most often is children in the form of a clown, then you can notice one characteristic tendency. Penny, the main villain of the book - a monster by its very essence.


While many of the other villains of the book are ... us. By humans. Simple inhabitants. Prefer to close their eyes to what is happening. Preferring to speed up at the sight of bullies who hurt the child. So what's the monster here? A strange being not from our world, whose essence lies in the constant creation of Evil? Or we? The so-called creation and crown of the Lord with free will, which, instead of wings and a clear sky, preferred the dirt of gray streets and dusty cities?

This is a cruel book. There will be quite a lot of scenes of violence, blood, moral and physical bullying of people.

And this is not surprising, because the master always shows all aspects of human psychology. In each character, there is a place for a maniac. This is what makes us human. Gives us the opportunity to choose who we are.And at the same time, it is a strong book. About friendship and the power of the oath. About the loyalty of friends who are together. This book is about courage and love of neighbor. This is a story about teenagers and their cruel world in which they are forced not to live, but to survive. 
This book has a lot to think about. 
I hope that you can see in it what I saw. I really hope that you will also love this story, as I loved it. 
Indeed, despite the dirt, which is enough, a book about the most luminous feelings of man. 
I am very grateful to the master for this story. It was from her that my love for his creativity began.